Does EMDR Really Work ?

What is EMDR and does it really work? I get asked this question, all the time… here is some information about EMDR for you to decide if this might be worth it to you. (I say “YES”). EMDR works by activating your own body’s psychological healing abilities. You allow your emotions and thoughts to process things out without actually “talking” about them. Emotions and feelings linked to an experience in your life are allowed to move thru your central nervous system and get stored in the correct part of your brain. EMDR has a direct effect on the way your brain processes information and helps you release trapped emotions/distrubing memories to be processed in a safe way. Results can be feeling pain free and having a more resolved peaceful feelings. So does EMDR really work??? Yes…..EMDR does not erase the distressful event/incident but it does ease the pain and blocks around the distressful event or incident and when you don’t feel it anymore in your body, you are free to be available and present to your life today. It’s pretty amazing!