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  • What is Therapy?

    Therapy can be called a lot of different names such as psychotheraoy or counseling, but it is all the same thing under different titles or names, and you can pick the name that works best for you. “Therapy” is a professional process of meeting with a highly trained master level expert, who is trained to support you in exploring and resolving problematic behaviors, beliefs, feelings, relationship issues or body sensations/stressors (somatic responses). Therapy is an investment in yourself to support you to being the healthiest version of yourself. No two therapy sessions are the same so it can be hard to explain what your therapy session will feel or look like for you. The important part is that you feel safe, heard and develop rapport with your therapist. Therapy should be tailored to your needs and not a cookie cutter approach. Don’t let common myths or misconceptions about therapy stop you from finding help.