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Grad school classes don’t give the benefit of lived experience. While I don’t talk about myself in session, my clients know how deeply I get it.

As you might have already learned from clicking around, I’m a divorced, co-parenting mom (of multiples!). Going through personal life challenges has given me the strength, passion and resilience to help others.

My experience of parenting through divorce and co-parenting beyond it gives me tremendous empathy for my client’s struggles. I also know that when you walk through the fire of life you’ll come to find understanding and new path.

It does get better!

My Rocklin office is warm and bright, and I’d love to meet with you there. My style is collaborative and direct, and I tailor my services to your specific needs and goals.

I stay at the forefront of the field by supervising interns on their way to becoming therapists.

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Megan Paterson - Therapy, Akashic Records, Developing Intuition and Trust

Megan and I met through our Akashic Records training this summer. Megan is a therapist, coach, and energy healer. 

In this episode, we chat about:

  • Why therapy is important for healing, EMDR, couple’s therapy
  • Megan’s journey i connecting with and expanding her intuition
  • Energy management and boundaries as healers
  • Tapping into possibility and the power of play
  • What it means to love yourself first

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I welcome any and all adults and couples/partners to my practice, but I don’t see young children at this time.

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