Mentorship & Counseling for Counselors

Mentorship or Counseling for Counselors is an important part of “self care” for therapists as burn out, transference/countertransference and personal life circumstances happen to all of us! I offer space for mentorship, process and counseling for therapists

I have years of experience as a Clinical Program Manager with direct supervision of hundreds of graduate and pre-licensed mental health professionals. I know the challenges of balancing work life, BBS requirements, CEUs, private practice demands and being a divorced single mom of twin pre-teens girls, I GET IT!!! And because I “get it” and understand the pressure and experience of being a therapist and a human being, I have tons of experiences and resources to help you manage your time, stress, and schedule. Let’s explore those limiting beliefs that are getting in your way to expand you and your business to your next level. I will partner with you to brainstorm ideas and plans when you feel stuck with a client or feel overall burnt out.

Call me today for a free 15 minutes consultation to see how I can help you!

***Graduate students and pre-licensed mental health profession, check with your board to see if personal therapy hours count towards your hours


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