Reiki and Akashic Records

Love Myself First

Sessions with a therapeutic coach such as myself will enable you to connect with yourself more fully and will empower you with solutions to help you feel better. This solution-focused approach supports your emotional wellbeing, helps to relieve stress and anxiety, increases your confidence and self-esteem, and allows you to experience positive change

Coaching / Meditation

It’s no secret that personal development tends to get pushed down on our priorities list, especially when life gets busy. We unconsciously feel guilty as though spending time and energy on ourselves is selfish or foolish. But ask yourself, “busy with what exactly?” The answer usually boils down to investing most of our time into things that take from us more than they fulfill us

Akashic Records

Akashic records

The Akashic Records is a vast library, that holds sacred information for every soul and is beyond our limited human understanding. Akashic Records are the living library of your soul lives in which ALL (lifetimes, events, relationships,  conversations, karmic debts, contracts, core beliefs, energetic vibration, etc ) are recorded and held through all dimensions, planes, and times.



Reiki sessions are a fantastic self-care option for people who are looking to re-align their charkas and auras. Sometimes we can connect to negative energies such as a toxic relationship or work environment, and Reiki is able to cut energy cords from people, places, and situations.

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