Couples Counseling

Couples therapy can tackle the full range of relationship issues, from minor disagreements to major problems in communication. It’s never too late to seek help from a qualified therapist. Even if you feel your relationship is too broken for repair, you’d be surprised how much therapy can help.

We're Struggling

  • Half the time you’re ready to kill each other.
  • You’re wondering what you ever liked about this person in the first place.
  • You’re staying together for the kids, but you have no idea if that’s the right thing.


  • You’re in the Bored-Friend zone. Who can remember the spark when you’re buried in bills and diapers and field trip permission slips?
  • You spend your nights watching TV in separate rooms…which might as well be different planets.
  • Neither of you remembers the last time you had sex.
  • You are dying to make your marriage feel good again…but right now it’s hard to believe that’s possible.

My Partner is a Crazymaker

  • You walk on eggshells, never sure what mood he or she will be in.
  • You’re often told that your version of events is made up and untrue.
  • Your partner “doesn’t remember” things they’ve said and done on a regular basis.
  • Your partner acts jealous and monitors your spending, texts, phone calls, and emails.
  • Your partner withholds affection as way to punish you.
  • Your partner dismisses your wants, needs and feelings.
  • Your partner accuses you of being with others.
  • Nothing you do pleases your partner.
  • Your partner is so charming with others that no one would believe the struggles behind closed doors.…

We Want a Drama-Free Divorce

  • Anger is high.
  • Fear is through the roof.
  • You feel betrayal, shame, and deep sadness.
  • You’re exhausted from trying to put on a brave face for the kids and everyone else
  • You feel like your world is falling apart, and it’s your job to keep juggling for everyone else.

All you want is to:

  • Communicate like grownups.
  • Be present for your kids.
  • Make the process fast and simple.
  • Agree on basic ground rules going forward—and know you’ll both stick to them.
  • Bring genuine closure to this part of your life.

I understand all of these situations and help people through them.

My main goal is to get you to the relationship you both want. I’m passionate about bringing harmony, peace, and joy back to couples who’ve hit a rut.  

All relationships take work and conflict is expected.

Conflict doesn’t mean divorce: it can be normal and healthy.

Coupledom is challenging, but there’s huge growth and personal discovery to be had in working through your issues.

If you feel someone close to you is a crazymaker, I can absolutely help.

I’ll teach you to hold your boundaries with your head  high and not get dragged into the spinning, questioning, and feeling crazy yourself.

I’ll teach you the best ways to communicate to maintain both the relationship…and your self-esteem.

Most of all, I’ll help you make decisions about your future.

Though I’m on the side of improving relationships whenever possible, as a divorced, co-parenting mom, I also get it that sometimes divorce is the best option.

If you find yourself in that boat, I bring a wealth of knowledge to support you through the process and launch you peacefully into the next stage of your lives.

There is a light out there for you.
There is an end to the hard times.

Let’s talk.

“Megan has said things to me I didn’t even know I needed to hear and has helped me increase the self-esteem I need to live the life I want for myself.” N. Q.
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