How EMDR Therapy Can Help You Overcome Trauma

Trauma is something that affects many people in different ways – it could be a car accident, childhood abuse, or even the death of a loved one. Conventional talk therapy can take months, if not years, and the results may not always be satisfying. EMDR therapy is a quicker, yet very effective therapy, that helps patients overcome traumatic memories. In our blog post today, we will discuss the benefits of EMDR therapy, its mechanisms, and its effectiveness in treating trauma.

Treating stress, anxiety and PTSD

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing) therapy involves a therapist using rapid eye movements to facilitate the reprogramming of a patient’s memory surrounding a certain traumatic event. The process involves a patient recalling the stressful event and then using various tools such as eye movements and tapping, in combination with a positive belief about the incident, to reprocess the memory. There are various theories as to how EMDR therapy works, but some speculate that the rapid eye movements help the brain to desensitize and reprocess the traumatic memories in a healthier way.

One of the benefits of EMDR therapy is that it is a quicker therapy than conventional talk therapies. Many patients who have undergone EMDR therapy have found their symptoms reducing after 3-5 sessions, although this varies by the individual’s circumstances. EMDR therapy has also been found useful in treating a range of trauma-related conditions, including posttraumatic stress disorder, anxiety, depression, and even phobias.


Getting over trauma

Many people have successfully undergone EMDR therapy and have reported life-changing results. They report feeling more in control, less anxious, and less reactive when faced with distressing situations. It helps them to eliminate negative beliefs such as “I am not worthy” or “it was my fault” which stems from the experience of a trauma. Once these negative beliefs are replaced with positive beliefs, patients can more easily adapt to the trauma and move on.

The effectiveness of EMDR therapy has been widely researched and evidenced by several studies. In a research study conducted in 2015, it was found that EMDR therapy was as effective as cognitive-behavioral therapy in treating posttraumatic stress disorder. Furthermore, a 2019 research study in the United Kingdom found that EMDR therapy was more effective in treating posttraumatic stress disorder, particularly in reducing self-blame and feelings of guilt and shame.


Help to get your life back

EMDR therapy is an effective, evidence-based therapy for overcoming traumatic memories. It is a relatively quick therapy that offers hope to people who are dealing with trauma-related conditions. EMDR therapy has helped many people regain control of their lives, and there is hope for anyone who is struggling with the after-effects of trauma. If you or someone you know is dealing with a traumatic event, consider EMDR therapy, and take the first step towards recovery today.

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